Third Person Shooter: Tower Defence (WIP)

Target Platforms

Windows, HTC Vive

Engine and Language Used

Unreal Engine 4 and C++

Project Overview

Solo project development, I am responsible for all aspects of the project: third-person shooter with tower defence elements, in VR (using the HTC Vive)

Project Duration

On Going

Wanting to get into some VR Development (as well as get back into game development), I had the idea of a third-person shooter tower defence in my mind for a while and so I set to work on it.

Using Unreal Engine 4.27, I put together this game, using as much C++ as I could (e.g. for character animation instances, behavior tree services/task nodes and for the placement of obstacles by the player).

I had to also get this to work with VR, for which in particular, one would have to have two axes (for X and Y), of each 1 dimensional axis (e.g. for MoveForward), which SteamVR would combine into two axes (bindings sample below):

An example of all of this together, is shown in the video below:

I will have to make it so that the Player cannot block the enemies’ path and to allow the Player to place a basic tower that can shoot at the enemies (the preview for wall placement, is also not quite right. All of these issues will be resolved).

For reference, the Player character is just the UE4 default character and the enemies, are that of the character: ‘Grux’, from Epic Games’ failed ‘MOBA’: Paragon.