Space Puck

Target Platform


Engine and Language Used

Unity 2018 and C#

Project Details

Team Project (5 members), I am responsible for general programming. I am currently working on resolving issues and getting the project ready for the next phase of development (involving having each stage of the game, in its own scene).

Project Duration

March 2017-December 2018

Source Code: SpacePuck Source

I also worked in a team for this project (with 2 other programmers and 3 artists), initially for Ludum Dare 38, then we continued to work on it (minus 1 artist), during mid-late spring (April-May). Unity and C# (for scripts), were used in the formation of this project (given my role). The point of the game is to use your space-ship to punt a puck around the game area, to score a point by getting it into the opponent’s goal area. There are variations on the core Space Puck game-mode, such as Space Pug (with a pug-dog as the puck, instead of the regular puck) and Death Puck (with an entity that moves pseudo-randomly around the play area, forcing Players to have to wait to re-spawn, before they can continue play, if the Death Puck collides with them). This game is our collective interpretation on ice hockey, but in space. 

This game can be downloaded from, available at:

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