Quest: to be Defined

Target Platform


Engine and Language Used

Unreal Engine 4 and C++

Project Details

Solo project development, I was responsible for all aspects of the project. This was initially a hobby project, that I then turned into an assignment for a unit during the 2nd year of my course

Project Duration

N/A (ongoing)

Source Code: QuestToBeDefinedSource

The project is currently on hiatus, whist I work on other projects (such as Space Puck). The goal for the Player, is to follow a story through to completion (shown to the Player in the form of levels) and complete relevant objectives along the way. The game uses the terrain generation features, Behaviour Trees (Blueprint, for AI-controlled characters in the game) and UMG Widgets (for most of the menus/UI in-game, except for the first version of the menu shown in this video, as that uses the Slate UI system, in conjunction with C++) of Unreal Engine 4.


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