This task was issue to me by PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), as a technical test.

Source Code: PUBGProgrammerTestSource

For this task, I was to use the SHOOTER GAME example project (produced by Epic Games), as a starting point to replace the plasma grenade launcher with the Halo Type-1 plasma grenade.

I was advised in the brief, to also ‘not hesitate to add your own creative touch to mechanics. Make necessary implementation decisions based on performance, network bandwidth and user experience. Feel free to use any additional assets if necessary.’

I had a week to implement this weapon and I was to use UE4 version 4.16.3.

I was able to get this working using the Blueprint visual-scripting system (see videos below), but I was not able to translate this into C++ code, for greater levels of performance (see sample screenshots below).

If anyone can help me resolve this issue (as I still want to resolve it), please follow this link, to provide me with an answer on Unreal AnswerHub (more detail is available on the issue via that link).

Videos showing implementation via Blueprint:


Screenshots used in the post on Unreal AnswerHub, to assist in describing the problem:

PlayerPawn Blueprint GrenadeSpawnPointPlayer 1st Person Holding Plasma GrenadePlasmaGrenadeProjectile Blueprint Viewport3rd Person PlasmaGrenade Collider3rd Person PlasmaGrenade Body

Additional documents to log the progress of the project:

PUBG Programmer Task List 

Change Log

Plasma Grenade MindMap:

Plasma Grenade MindMap Screenshot


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