Final Major Project (FMP)

Target Platform


Engine and Language Used

Unreal Engine 4 and C++

Project Details

Solo project development, I was responsible for all aspects of the project

Project Duration

5 Months

Source Code: BalancedFPSLevelGenerator

This plugin (bundle) was assembled for my Final Major Project (FMP), in the 3rd year of my university course (BSc Computer Games (Software Development). 

The goal was to produce a balanced Level Generator for a first-person Shooter. That will generate a game level over a single height area (e.g. For one level of a building). After encapsulating the level-generation area, the generator will use Zones, placed using rules relating to the Defensiveness, Flanking and Dispersion coefficients, for a particular zone and its surrounding Zones.

The project’s documentation is available here (which goes over the whole project, from inception through to development, with the many issues that occurred using UE4 for this plugin (such as getting to grips with the Slate-UI system, just to provide an interface to users of this plugin) and finally, the project’s evaluation): Project Documentation Report

Project Research

Beginning Game Level Design




Procedural Map Generation for A RTS Game

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