I am a BSc (Hons) Computer Games (Software Development) graduate.

I am looking for work in a game development studio, as a programmer, but I am also open to work in forms of software-development, outside of games-development.

I have worked on a game by the name of ‘Kingdom Jump’ by Polyfruit Studios. A mobile 2.5D platformer (for Android), where the Player has to not only navigate terrain obstacles (such using balloons to climb up and over gaps), but also deal with enemies, using an arsenal of weapons.

My attention to detail for projects motivates me to become a games development programmer, as this is a desired attribute for creating effective software solutions and I also have enthusiasm to learn new skills, required for the task at hand. I have taken part in many game-jams over the years of my course, learning how to collaborate with other people of other disciplines involved in the creation of a game (such as artists).

This includes ‘Space Puck’, which started as an entry for a game-jam, an arcade take on ice-hockey (but in space), using Unity 2018.1.1f.

All of the projects, that I have worked on in some form, can be found under the ‘My Projects’ parent page on the menu to the left.

Contact Details:

Email: jmor@hotmail.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=121217091&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile